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How To Contact Trellis Supportive Care
in Winston-Salem, NC
Phone: (336) 768-3972
Email: info@TrellisSupport.org
Website: TrellisSupport.org


About Trellis Supportive Care 

Founded in 1979, Trellis Supportive Care – formerly known as Hospice & Palliative CareCenter – was the only hospice in North Carolina. Over time, as more families have recognized the physical and emotional benefits of hospice and palliative care, the organization has grown, now serving 13 North Carolina counties across the Piedmont area.

Throughout the years, new and expanded programs have been introduced to provide a wider range of resources, including grief counseling and advance care planning — both free of charge for anyone in the community — as well as expanded palliative care services designed to meet the needs of patients earlier in the disease process. In 1998, the Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home was opened, providing around-the-clock care to patients and families needing short-term inpatient care or respite care.

In 2018, the organization changed its name from Hospice & Palliative CareCenter to Trellis Supportive Care. “Trellis was chosen to represent the framework of support we provide our patients and families,” said Linda Darden, President and CEO. “Selecting a provider when facing an advanced illness is not a common life event, and we understand that there are confusingly similar names, which make selecting a hospice and palliative care provider challenging,” she added.

Our hope is that by adopting the Trellis Supportive Care name, families throughout the region will be able to immediately recognize the organization, its longstanding reputation for superb care, and its array of expert services. Much like our new name suggests, our team of specially trained professionals offers steady support and guidance for families as they find their way through one of life’s most challenging times. As a local nonprofit, we are thankful for support from our community that makes our mission possible – helping our patients and their loved ones to live fully and comfortably.

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